Our written promises to you ensure honesty, integrity and reliability with all the heating and air conditioning repair in NJ that we do.

No Surprises

The investment quoted is what you pay.

Customer Respect

Our technicians will be courteous and answer any questions or concerns you may have about heating or air conditioning in NJ. They will not swear or use tobacco products while on your property. When services are completed, your home will be left as neat as they found it. Name another heating contractor in Gloucester County, NJ who can make that promise!

Code Compliance

The installation will comply with all local codes.

Drug Free

Your work will be performed by our highly trained professional and drug free staff.


We will guarantee that your system meets or exceeds your expectations for quality and reliability.

Comfort Guarantee

We guarantee that the system we have installed in your home will heat or cool your home as we have stated. If the temperature range we have promised is not achieved, we will replace the system at no charge.

No Lemon Guarantee

If the compressor in your air conditioner fails twice in the first five years, we will install a complete and new outside unit. If the heat exchanger in your furnace fails in the first ten years, we will install a new furnace.

Utility Savings Guarantee

You will save a minimum of 20% on your heating and cooling costs or we will refund double the difference of the savings not realized during the first year. (if your system is not meeting guaranteed savings, you must notify us immediately to allow us to evaluate your system's performance.)

Property Protection Guarantee

All property such as lawns, shrubbery, carpeting, floors, walls, furniture and door frames are protected. Damaged property will be replaced or repaired. Protective shoe covers and hall runners will be used on all work and traffic areas.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that the equipment we have installed will perform as we have stated. If the system does not heat or cool your home to your satisfaction, we will remove it and return 100% of your investment for up to one year from installation date.

Scheduled Service

As per the manufacturer's recommendations and policy, scheduled service must be performed by the company that installed the equipment during the warranty period.

Acts of God

Damage resulting from Acts of God is not covered under Warranties or Guarantees.


Exclusions routine maintenance such as cleanings, filters, fuses, ect., damage due to alterations from work performed by other parties, misuse, or neglect.